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Five Most Underrated Beach Destinations In The World

empty blue wooden chairs on beach

Guest post by Kylee Keith

Did you know that according to many scientists, beaches did not always exist – and will not always be around, for that matter? It could be that it is this ephemeral nature that resonates with human beings, who can barely get enough of the ocean’s expanse and the many stunning beaches around the world. An estimated 50% of all international tourists travel to coastal areas, according to a 2017 UN study on people and oceans. However, there are still many relatively unexplored, yet amazing beach destinations in the world. 

Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

The Galápagos of Ecuador is arguably best known for its endemic species, some of which were studied by Charles Darwin as he devised his theory on evolution. Less renown, albeit rather unjustifiably, are its majestic beaches. La Lobería beach in the San Cristobal is a perfect spot for surfers. There are many other amazing options for those who either cannot surf due to physical disabilities or do not prefer to try it out. The Post Office Bay beach, for example, is so-aptly named for being a “DIY post office” where tourists can post and pick letters and postcards for delivery to their respective destinations.

Three surfers and seals on Loveria Beach, Galapagos

Image credits: Descentralizado Municipal de San Cristóbal

Santiago, Cape Verde

Santiago is the biggest island in Cape Verde, and home to two lovely beaches: Praia Baixo and Praia de Gamboa. The Praia Baixo is a small beach that attracts locals and tourists interested in fishing. It is also notable for its preservation and protection of loggerhead sea turtles. The Praia de Gamboa offers a scenic view of downtown Praia, the capital city of Cape Verde. If you are in town around mid-May, you might have the chance to sample some of the local cultures thanks to the annual Gamboa Beach Festival, the biggest music festival in Cape Verde.

Praia Plage de Gamboa beach Santiago Cape Verde

Image credits: Ji-Elle

Sylt, Germany

Nicknamed in some quarters “the German Hamptons,” The Sylt Island is often described as being unique to the rest of the popular stereotypes about the European nation. On top of some of its distinctive monuments and culture, the long and stunning beaches of Sylt are perhaps its best quality. The Hornum and Sansibar beaches as well the Ellenbogen Nature Sanctuary are perfect for long (or short) walks by the waterside, partaking in a classic wining culture, and interacting with nature.

Sylt beach chairs Germany

Photo by Michael Kleinjohann

Marettimo Island, Italy

Simply put, the Marettimo Island in Italy is a lover’s paradise. Some of the beaches in Marettimo include the Spiaggia del Rotolo, the Scalo Vecchio, Scalo Nuovo as well as the stone and sand beach Praia di Nacchi. The extensive and mostly pristine turquoise waters make for a stunning view and are also perfect for swimming excursions. Overall, the village has an ancient and cultured look, which serves to further amplify its unique, remote feel in Sicily.

Photo by Josh Feiber

Surfer’s Paradise, Australia

A fully-fledged beach in its own independent right, Surfers Paradise is an iconic destination in the Gold Coast of Australia. Combining nature and architecture in a stunning amalgamation of beauty, it oozes a special kind of postcard-scenery. As the name suggests, its generally gentle year-round waves are perfect for surfers at different skill levels.

Surfer's Paradise night view

Photo by Srikant Sahoo

No shortage of beaches

With more than 70% of the globe covered by oceans, there is no shortage of beaches for you to visit around the world. You could cross the globe for an exotic experience, or simply drop by the beach nearest to your town. That way perhaps, mankind will have experienced all that this special phenomenon has to offer before it potentially vanishes from the face of the earth.

Cover image credits: Aaron Burden