Cheap Flights

Cheap Flights Made Easy

The competition among airlines and flight search engines is tremendous, and the prices, services, and conditions have never been more transparent. There are many players in the field, and we have tried loads of them.

A favourite it momondo, because of the user-friendliness and advanced filter features. They also have great inspirational pages.

That said, no Flights are Cheap

As we all know, flying takes a toll on our planet. So before booking your ticket, consider if there are other transportation options instead, and prioritise direct flights over the sometimes cheaper stopover flights.

If the only viable transportation option to your holiday destination is flying, do consider supporting one of the carbon emmission compensation schemes.

Offset the Carbon Emissions from your Flight?

There are multiple schemes for offsetting the carbon footprint of your flight (or other means of transportation). You can either do it directly on many airline webpages or you can use an independent provider of carbon offsetting services.

We recommend the Carbon Calculator from Co2nsensus, as they give you easy ways to calculate your footprint and enable you to choose exactly which project you would like to donate your compensation to.