What You Googled!

How (some) people find us on Google

The road to is not always so straightforward. In fact, it is sometimes ridiculous, hilarious, or just plain weird. Here are some of the Google search terms our visitors have used and ultimately ended up on our website.


Are the Burmese lazy?


One guy enjoying Goa beach

What will senior manager in tour agency say to middlemen?


Dog umbrellas for dog beds


Difference between tan and sand color?


Which is the best rubber plantation to photograph in Phuket?


Pronunciation u beginning of word


Walking in beach men Malaysian


Tell me and explain to me all about Nias Island


Couple sucking at Vagatur Beach Goa


How we can say today we enjoyed lot’s of in beach of Goa


Download important vocabulary pdf


Like Koh Tachai but more civilised


Finger rings at Goa shacks


Back side pictures of men in beach sunset


Brown sand in a beach dream


Hot Indian man facing beach


We do not know if these visitors find the answers to their questions on our website, but hopefully they do enjoy their time spent here. Check back for more perplexing Google search terms.

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