Beach Infographics

We combed the web, looking for useful, fun, educating, and silly beach infographics. Here is what we found so far.  To go directly to the sections, click these links:


Beach Infographics | Surfing, Boarding, Paddling, and Diving


Diving Safety

Examples of surf slangSurfer's code infographic showing the rules of surfingBeginner's guide to surfing infographicScuba Hand Signals chart


Surfing 101, the The Anatomy of a Wave, Surf's Up InfographicSurfing Season World MapStand Up Paddle Boarding Infographic

Stand Up Paddleboarding infographicSnorkeling vs. Scuba Diving infographic


Beach Infographics | Marine Life and Ocean Info

Creatures of the Underwater infographicCreatures of the Ocean infographicJellyfish infographic chartShark Speed infographicLife Spans of Marine Life chart
Facts about Oceans infographicFifty fascinating facts about the ocean
Explore the oceans infographicLargest Marine Species comparisonSeven Species of Sea TurtlesThe Aroma of the SeasideTen Facts about Clownfish chartSea shells and marine life chart

Beach Infographics | Beach Safety Tips

How to avoid a shark attack infographicBeach Safety guide
Summer Sun Safety Tips infographicWater Safety Tips chart
Rip Currents safety tipsFive Beach Tips that Save Lives infographic

Beach Infographics | Beach Fashion, Lingo, and Culture

Swimming Fashion - Complete History of Swimming CostumeThai Beach Phrases byà la plage - French beach vocabularySummer Beach SongsLiquid Sunshine Beach Cocktails by
Infographic about the History of Swimwear. By's Beach Vernacular - Beach Slang. The New York Times Wonderful illustrations by Eleanor Davis.
History of Swimwear infographic by Beach English VocabularyTop Beach Drinks Around the World by Couples Resorts.

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