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Khaosan Road

Khaosan Road BangkokKhaosan Road has been the number one backpacker hub in Bangkok for decades. In fact, it is the backpacker hub for all of Southeast Asia. Backpackers from all over the world are attracted by cheap hostels, an impressive selection of low-budget restaurants, colourful bars, street side market vendors with everything from tacky souvenirs to artisan fashion design, travel and tour agents, and most of all the youthful and neo-hippieish vibe. Khaosan Road is also near the old historical district of Bangkok, and nearby temples (wat‘s) and monks in orange ropes add to the exoticism.

Khaosan Road is the main strip, but the surrounding area is equally vibrant. Try walking down Soi Rambuttree which has developed as a slightly calmer Khaosan Road “light”. While the amount of tourists and hectic noise turn off some visitors from staying in the area, you can’t help but love the bombardment of the senses at Khaosan Road. As always, where there are tourists, there are hustlers and tricksters, so be extra cautious with tuk-tuk drivers and guys offering deals too good to be true.

Khaosan Road tourist map, BangkokCredit: Globe-trotter, based work from contributors’s Top Picks Around Khaosan Road

We got some great insider tips for you right here. The sheer number of options around Khaosan will make you dizzy, so let us help you out.

Khaosan’s Top Hotels

The Khaosan area has no shortage of hotels. The area has developed greatly during the last 10 years. It has gone from bug infected rooms not much better than prison cells to genuine budget comfort guesthouses, flashpacker hostels, and even boutique hotels. Competition is fierce in the area, so you get exceptional value.

Just A Bed

Nitan Hostel Khaosan

Nitan Hostel offers dorm accommodation, so it is suitable for single travelers or groups of friends looking to meet fellow travelers. The hostel is located in one of the small soi‘s (alleys) of Khaosan Road.

Why Nitan Hostel?

  • Quiet location yet smack in the middle of Khaosan
  • Clean and Comfy Beds
  • Good Breakfast (included in price)
  • Price $$$

Rough Diamond

Baan Dinso Hostel

It’s hard to find a more charming little B&B than Baan Dinso, located near Bangkok’s Democracy Monument. Baan Dinso has only 9 rooms, and with soaring popularity, you’d better book in advance.

Why Baan Dinso?

  • Elegant colonial teak wood house
  • Great location for both Khaosan and Grand Palace
  • Beautiful interior design and decoration
  • Price $$$

Feeling Special

Riva Surya Bangkok

In our opinion the best location in the Khaosan area. It’s riverside, only a few steps from Phra Sumen Fort and the small Santichaiprakan Park. Make sure to book a room with private balcony and river view.

Why Riva Surya?

  • Pool and chill-out deck right by the Chao Phraya River
  • Superb choice of restaurants, cafes, and bars close by
  • Magnificent views at night
  • A nice oasis in a bustling area
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Khaosan’s Top Nightlife Spots

Khaosan is one of the most popular areas in Bangkok for a night out for travelers and locals alike. The scene covers all types of hangouts including nightclubs, sports bars, roof-top chill-outs, and live music venues. Officially, 1 AM is the closing time for bars and clubs in Thailand, but there are always places that “escape” this rule. Khaosan is a good place to start.

Adhere the 13th

More than 15 years ago we strolled past Adhere the 13th. Then we had to stop and turn back to see where that beautiful blues music was coming from. Since then, this little joint has been a must-visit every time we are in Bangkok.

This little blues joint has high quality live music – usually blues or jazz – and guest musician are invited to jam along. The bar is frequented by tourist passers-by, expats, and local Bangkokians, a great mix giving Adhere the 13th a special vibe. It is possible to order food here and drinks are good value, but come early if you want to secure a table.


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Brick Bar

Brick Bar is sure to bring you high energy music every night and a lively crowd of dancing Bangkokians and backbackers. The bar is inside the Buddy Building (near Burger King) directly on Khaosan Road.

What we most like about Brick Bar is the consistently high quality of music. Usually the genre is a mixture of reggae, folk, and ska music being played by up to 10 people bands. The crowd gets going almost every night ending their night dancing on the tables and in front of the scene. Before it gets wild, you can enjoy a game of pool there. Prices are slightly higher than many other Khaosan bars, but you get a lot of fun in return. Remember to bring id.


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Top Activities Around Khaosan Road

Hang around Phra Sumen Fort and Santichaiprakan Park. Early morning you can watch (or join!) morning gymnastics and in the evening, the park is often used as training grounds for breakdancers.

Stroll up and down Khaosan Road and get bombarded with sights and sounds. Once you have had enough, grab a beer and a chair at a street cafe and enjoy the circus.

Stroll down Soi Rambuttri if you want a calmer version of Khaosan Road.

If you want to get braids, dreadlocks, tattoos, Thai massage, and eat bugs – you will find it all at Khaosan Road.

If you are vegan or vegetarian, the Khaosan area is one of the best places in Thailand to fill your stomach with delicious food. section seperator

A 360° Look around Khaosan Road

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