Axim Beach


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Axim Beach Scores
  • Natural Beauty
  • Cleanliness (beach & sea water)
  • Accessibility
  • Family/Child Friendliness
  • Nightlife & Socializing
  • Uncrowdedness

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Getting There
Axim is located 70 km (43 mi.) west of Takoradi. In Takoradi you can take a tro-tro directly to Axim. Remember to tell the driver if you want to get off near any of the lodges on the way. Alternatively, take a taxi from Takoradi which will be more comfy and faster, but cost a lot more also.  

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Axim Beach is awesome if you love…

  • Postcard beaches
  • Rustic comfort
  • Lots of shade on the beach
  • Surfing and big waves
  • Quiet stretches of beach with little or no disturbance

 Avoid Axim, if you prefer…

  • 5-star international level service
  • Partying
  • Multiple dining options
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Good to Know About Axim

The shoreline at Axim town is mostly rocky, but there are sandy stretches on either side and at the lodges

The Axim area has three high standard lodges – Lou Moon, Axim Beach Resort, and Ankobra
– each at different locations directly on the beach

Go to one of the Axim lodges if you value comfort, cleanliness, and good facilities

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Accommodation near Axim Beach

At Axim you find perhaps the best selection of high standard beach resorts in Ghana. You can select between Lou Moon Lodge, Axim Beach Resort, and Ankobra Beach Resort. Each of these resorts are beachfront properties and well designed in harmony with their surroundings.

The level of comfort is high compared to Ghanaian standards, but you will not have facilities such as TV and minibar (which should not be what has drawn you to the area in the first place). At the Lou Moon Lodge you can get the most luxurious experience at their Island Cape Executive Bungalows that come with small private swimming pools. Axim Beach Resort has an outdoor pool available for all guests. The rates for accommodation and food are not for backpackers and volunteers on a tight budget, but for people who are happy to spend a little extra for added quality.

Axim Beach Resort in Western Region Ghana


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