Cape Coast Beach


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Cape Coast Beach Scores
  • Natural Beauty
  • Cleanliness (beach & sea water)
  • Accessibility
  • Family/Child Friendliness
  • Nightlife & Socialising
  • Uncrowdedness

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Getting There
Cape Coast is located 150 km (93 mi.) west of Accra. The quickest and easiest way to get to there is by taxi. It will take at least take you a couple of hours. For cheaper options, you can either take a tro-tro from Kaneshie Station in Accra or take a bus from the STC station on Ring Road.

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Cape Coast Beach is awesome if you love…

  • Reggae vibes
  • A good mix of locals and visitors
  • A great weekend party
  • Football on the beach
  • Socialising w. volunteers from all over the world
  • Budget travel

 Avoid Cape Coast, if you prefer…

  • A family friendly beach
  • Casual swimming
  • Quiet evenings section seperator

Good to Know About Cape Coast

Cape Coast is the volunteer capital of Ghana

Don’t miss Baobab Vegetarian Moringa Restaurant and visit their inspiring gift shop

The Cape Coast Castle is a World Heritage Site and worth a sobering visit

Swimming along the shores of Cape Coast can be dangerous – exercise extreme caution

Oasis Beach Resort is the place to be for weekend parties with acrobatics shows and live music. section seperator

Accommodation in Cape Coast

Oasis Beach Resort drumming in GhanaThe city has several accommodation Oasis Beach Bar in Ghanaoptions for visitors. You will find various hostels, guest houses, and hotels in the city as well as along the coastline.

Cape Coast does not have just one beach. There are beaches stretching from along the coast on either side of the city. The further you get away from the centre, the more quiet you can expect it to be. What we consider the main beach of Cape Coast, is the one lying just west of Cape Coast Castle. It is within walking distance from the centre of the city. On this beach you find Oasis Beach Resort, and a few other more low-key establishments.

If you want to stay at the beach, we recommend Oasis Beach Resort. Oasis is the place to be if you are looking to meet people. A good mix of Ghanaians and internationals come everyday to enjoy the beach vibe and the impressive sea view from the Oasis Beach Restaurant and Bar. Sleeping options range from dorm beds to comfy air-con rooms with TV’s available.

Photo Credits: Oasis Beach Resort

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