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Mallorca Beach Guide: Local Beaches and Hidden Coves

Calo Des More one of the best among Mallorca's beaces

Mallorca Beach Guide

Mallorca is one of the most legendary sun, sea, and sand destinations in the world. Not only a Spanish favourite, Majorca has consistently been a top holiday destination for Europeans for more than five decades. The draw? Well, we think it’s related to the turquoise waters and the rugged beach coves. Clever huh!?

3,640 km² (1,405 sq. mi.)
Location: Balearic Islands, Mediterranean
Population: 870,000 Mallorcans
Language: Spanish
Capital: Palma
Highest Point: 1,445 m (4,741 ft.)
Weather: Temperate subtropical
Coastline: From rocky to sandy, long sandy beaches and small coves
While Mallorca has great options for shopping, eating, sleeping, cycling, and hiking, we will direct our focus on the beaches. Whether you want beaches with shower facilities, lifeguards, white sand, rocks, watersports, sunbeds, party vibes, shade, and/or goats (yes of course), Mallorca has it.

What it doesn’t have is a beach for you and only you. The island’s beaches, coves, and bays have already been discovered long ago.

Especially if you are visiting during the beach friendly months of May to October, the most accessible and impressive beaches will be rather packed with people. Don’t let that put you off; take in the lively scenes and enjoy it!

Mallorca’s Top Beaches

We thought (and explored) hard, and came up with the following categories for Mallorcan beaches to guide you on your beach quest:

Mallorca’s Most Adventurous Beach

Playa Coll Baix

Rocky trail to Mallorca beach Playa Coll Baix

This beach is not easy to get, unless you cheat and take a boat. Well, that’s okay too, but you would miss the feeling of accomplishment of getting there on foot. The hike to the beach takes around 45 minutes. The route is not always apparent, and it involves some zig-zagging down a slopy hillside and some crawling on the rocks before reaching there.

The bay is stunning, especially as you approach it from afar. The beach mostly consists of dark pebbles that tend to get rather warm in the baking sun, so it’s not one of the most comfortable beaches to play around on.

This beach is considered a “hidden beach” by locals, and you will find a lot less people here than most of Mallorca’s beaches. You may, however, find yourself in the company of a few goats.

Mallorca’s Most Charming Beach

Cala Deià

Mallorca beach Cala Deia view from restaurant

Deià is a charming village situated in the western end of the Tramuntana mountain range. From here there is a very steep and curvy dead end road down towards the shore.

Despite not having a sandy beach, visitors flock to this rocky bay because of great snorkelling and an overdose of deep turquoise water. On top of that, Cala Deià has two restaurants offering spectacular views. If we were to chose a place for a romantic dinner, this would be it – although we wouldn’t recommend driving this road in the dark.

Mallorca’s Most Spectacular Beach

Caló des Moro

Spectacular Mallorcan beach Calo des Moro

The setting of this beach is absolutely magnificent. It is squeezed in between two parallel flanks of steep rocks, which gives you the feeling that you are swimming in a canyon river. There are large flat rocks at the shore, but otherwise the seabed is soft and sandy.

A steep path from a rock plateau leads you down to the beach. The beach itself is only around 40 meters wide and it has a backdrop of various rock formations. Getting to Caló des Moro is not so simple, but it is without question worth the effort. The area has a strict residents only car zone, so you have to park the car at a nearby parking lot and walk 20 minutes from there.

The crowds at the beach are predominantly locals, but the reputation of the spot has widely spread. In the high season, we recommend that you come before 10 AM if you want to secure a good spot on the beach.

Mallorca’s Best Beaches for Watersport

Bahia de Pollensa

Kitesurfing Mallorca at Bahia de Pollensa.

On a windy day, you’ll be met with a colourful array of kites at Bahia de Pollensa. This is the kite surfing hub of the island, and you will find a handful of rental services along the beach. The beach itself is narrow and filled with seaweed. The seabed is also rather mushy which makes this beach less suitable for regular swimming and tanning.

If you are here to kite surf, that is all the better, because you won’t have to navigate through crowds of people enjoying the sea. The depth of the sea stays shallow for a long stretch as you walk out, which makes it ideal for kite surfing. Windsurfing is also available here, but less practiced. On days with limited wind, you can rent a SUP board instead.

Bahia de Pollensa is located in the northeastern corner of Mallorca, easily accessible by road. The road runs along the beach with ample parking opportunities on the opposite side of the beach.

Playa de Muro

Blue water at Playa de Muro in Mallorca

A short half hour drive south of Bahia de Pollensa, you will reach Playa de Muro. The beach stretches as far as the eye can see. The beach is separated into several sections, and a couple of these have either windsurfing, kitesurfing or SUP boarding courses and rentals.

On top of that, the beach here is very nice with fine sand and a very child friendly shore. The first 50 meters out are shallow, so it’s a great place to let your kids play. Contrary to Bahia de Pollensa this beach has a lot of visitors and the hotels are lined up behind it.

Mallorca’s Most Family Friendly Beach

Playa de Formentor

The family-friendly beach Playa de Formentor in Mallorca

Speaking of family friendly, our top recommendation is Playa de Formentor. The road to there is a cozy forest road leading you through some nice pine forest. There is paid parking near the beach. A strip of pine forest along the beach provides plenty opportunities for shade.

At the beach there are opportunities to get something to eat and facilities such as a beach shower and toilets. The water is crystal clear, and again you can walk far out from the beach with the water not reaching your belly button. Formentor is actually a bay, and it’s protectedness make the water very calm at most times.

Behind the beach are the lush gardens of Formentor, a Royal Hideaway Hotel. This is a classic five-star resort with a rich history of accommodating celebreties such as  Grace Kelly, Charlie Chaplin, and Winston Churchill. This is one of Mallorca’s most iconic hotels.

Mallorca’s Best Beach

Cala Torta

Mallorca's best beach Cala Torta

Among the many superb beaches of Mallorca, selecting the best one is both challenging and dependent on what you are looking for in a beach experience. That still doesn’t stop us from selecting Cala Torta.

Could this be the widest beach ever? A canyon full of fine sand for approximately 200 meters leads you down to the shoreline. So even though the beach can get crowded, there is always an opportunity to find an empty spot.

The beach is equipped with a beach bar serving food and drinks. During the high season there are lifeguards here, as the waters can get rowdy with strong currents and relatively big waves. If you like fighting waves this could be your favourite too.

Getting to Cala Torta is a bit of an adventure, since the road leading to the beach is an ill-maintained gravel road. Perhaps this is why the beach, despite its popularity, is still not as crowded as some of Mallorca’s other popular beaches.


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