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The Beachmeter Beach Survey

Beachmeter Beach Survey with tickboxes
Help us understand what makes a great beach, then we’ll develop a tool to help you find it!

Please help us fill out our beach survey – it will take only 4-5 minutes.

Link to Beach Survey: The Beachmeter Beach Survey

We invite you share the survey, so we can get as many responses as possible.


Whether you are a backpacker, a newly married couple, a family with small kids, a senior, a nature lover or a Robinson Crusoe, there is a beach that fits your preferences and needs. Once we know which beach features and qualities are valued the most, we will start to collect data on these criteria.

 Introduce you to beaches and areas you might not have heard or thought of
 Entertain you by seeing how playing around with criteria will swap around suggested beaches
Save you time researching about beaches
Help you find your ideal beach destination so you can fully enjoy your beach stay

Beachmeter will allow you to find the most suitable beaches for your holiday based on your own preferences and needs. We will share some of the results from the beach survey, so don’t forget to follow us on social media and subscribe to our website.