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Georgia’s Black Sea Beaches

Georgias Beaches at the Black Sea

Guest post by Ferenc Elekes

Georgia is a destination that is rarely on people’s dream lists. Maybe because it’s not as advertised as the likes of Italy, France, and others. Sadly, all these people are missing out.

The country, which shares influences from both Eastern Europe and Western Asia, is a true beauty. It has plenty of art, beautiful architecture, music, and more to showcase. That’s where you see the influences of the different continental sides. Adventurers like to overland in Georgia, crossing the land with their big vehicle and admiring all these beautiful places. But there’s one aspect that many probably overlook when thinking about Georgia: its beaches.

Georgia’s Black Sea Beaches

Having access to the Black Sea, the country of Georgia has a few beaches that will steal anyone’s heart. Most of the shores have pebbles and rocks instead of soft sand, so don’t forget to bring your slippers or beach shoes.

Common for Georgia’s beaches are that they are mostly visited by local and domestic tourists, so if you come as a foreigner you’re in for a treat to experience Georgian holiday life. Here are some of those amazing beaches that you should consider visiting if you ever go to Georgia.


Located in the Adjara region, near Batumi, Gonio is where the nightlife gets vibrant. It is definitely one of the most popular Black Sea resorts in Georgia, where a lot of locals tend to go for a fun night out with their friends. There are plenty of bars on the beach, where people can enjoy a drink or two. Not to mention that the music will always add a nice feeling to it, while the noise will raise your love for life. Overall, the beach has quite a hip and romantic atmosphere.

Although it’s mostly citizens nearby who frequently visit the beach, Gonio has actually had a boost in the number of tourists, with most of them being from Tbilisi. Sadly, the beach is not a good choice for skinny dipping, because water can be a little too dirty.

Gonio Beach in Georgias Black Sea
Gonio Beach


Kobuleti is also located in the Adjara region and is another beloved destination among the Black Sea beaches. Locals love this area because it offers a relaxing alternative for anyone who wants to sunbathe or swim. After Batumi, this is the second most popular beach destination for people to visit. Most of the time, you will see locals attending the beach here.

Georgias beaches Kobuleti at the Black Sea
Kobuleti Beach


Batumi cannot be missing from this list, considering it is the most popular destination in terms of Georgian beaches. On this beach, the colors are vibrant, and you will feel the energy as soon as you step on its sand. The climate and atmosphere overall are very welcoming, being difficult to leave the area once you get to experience it.

Although locals enjoy this place, you see a lot of tourists coming from different parts of the country, and even visitors from other countries sometimes.

Georgias Black Sea beach, Batumi
Batumi Beach


This seaside resort is part of the Samegrelo region. It used to be a fortified town, as well as a seaport and a fishing station.

The beach is just gorgeous, and watching a sunset here feels magical. It’s a great place to be in, especially when you’re looking for some relaxation.
More often than not, there is a big number of tourists visiting the beach, as each year, the town hosts the GEM Fest. So, each August, the chances are there will be a lot of people sunbathing or just going for a walk to the beach.

Anaklia Beach in Georgia (Black Sea)
Anaklia Beach


Perhaps you’re one of those people who want to have a bar – or several – nearby when spending time at the beach. In this case, you will love Sarpi.

This beach used to be one of the cleanest and most peaceful ones, which is what made it so popular. However, over time, the number of tourists started increasing, not only due to the popularity of the location but also because of the nearby highway and bars. Even if it’s not the cleanest anymore, the beach can impress with its cliffs along the shore. They allow you to dive into the water if you want to take the experience to the
next level. Not to mention that this beach is also close to the Turkish borderline.

Sarpi Beach one of Georgias Beaches at the Black Sea
Sarpi Beach


There’s one thing that makes this beach unique – the dark sand. For people who suffer from various conditions, such as nervous system problems, cardiovascular diseases, rachitis, or others, this beach is a true gem. It’s said that the sand is amazing in treating these conditions. As such, people who live nearby tend to visit it frequently. It’s also a spot where you often see families with their kids.

Shekvetili is a village and sea resort, and it’s located in Ozurgety Municipality, Guria.

Shekvetili Black Sea Beack of Georgia
Shekvetili Beach


This beach is also located in Guria, being a famous seaside town, if not the most famous one in the area. Arguably, this is the beach with the softest sand.

Local families love this place thanks to the therapy offered by the sand, which is believed to be able to treat various problems. Not to mention that the place is great for enjoying a nice atmosphere thanks to the sun, sea, and subtropical climate overall. This is a great beach for relaxation.

Black Sea Beach Ureki in Georgia
Ureki Beach


Grigoleti is also located in the Guria region, but it’s in the municipality of Lanchkhuti. Interestingly, the sand on this beach is magnetic, as it contains titan-magnetite, small magnetite or ilmenite particles. Although it doesn’t have such a developed infrastructure, this town gets a few tourists from time to time, especially families.

Grigoleti Black Sea Beach from Georgia
Grigoleti Beach

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, most of the beaches in Georgia are not the cleanest out there. You can find plastic rubbish here and there, as not many people know how to maintain the cleanliness of the places. Beaches will be cleaner during the high season of May to September, where either volunteers or resorts make an effort to clean them.

Even if the shores of Georgia’s Black Sea beaches are not always the cleanest, you will enjoy the freshness of the air and have the beautiful sea scenery in front of you. If you want to experience something different in terms of beach vacations, you can try Georgia’s magical seaside resorts. section seperator


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Ferenc is an avid traveller with great overlanding experience. During his trip driving from Europe to Singapore he had the chance to visit beaches on the Black Sea.

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