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Top 5 reasons for low season beaching in Thailand

Naiyang Beach Phuket during low season

Is it worth traveling to Thailand in the low season?

A lot of people look at weather charts or “best time to travel”-advice before selecting their travel destination. This is a very good idea, especially if the activities you want to engage in are season dependent. However, “best time to travel to…” really depends on your preferences, and as such the high season might not be the best time for you to beach. Here are the top 5 reasons, why green season beaching as they like to call it in Thailand, could be the right choice for you.

1. Avoid the crowds 
This means a relaxing holiday with more beach to yourself and less hassle. Most beachers hardly perceive beaching among hordes of tourists, touts, noisy jet-skis, and frisbees flying around as relaxing.

2. Green season can be more colourful 
Since “green seasons” (low seasons) are often more rainy and with unpredictable weather, the natural surroundings are likely to be green and lush. Also, many local festivals and events fall outside the peak and high seasons offering you colourful experiences.

3. Easier and more flexible to book your holiday 
Hotels and tour packages are less likely to be fully booked. It will even be easier to rent a scooter or use public transportation

4. Cheaper beaching 
Great opportunities for price reductions on flights, hotels, excursions etc. Usually you will find long-stay promotions and added value extras.

5. Getting to know your local beacher 
You can get more valuable time with local residents and staff since they will most likely be less busy and more likely to remember you. Engaging with local beachers will surely bring value to your stay.