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Beach Poetry – Sentiments from the Shore

Examples of beach poetry and quotes

That Special Place where Sea meets Land

The beach always seems to bring out the poet in people. The beach is a symbol of transitions. It is a place of goodbye’s and welcome’s, dangers and safety, and vast opportunities stretching as far as the horizon. It is a place of contemplation, meditation, rhythm, and serenity. It is a place of activity, entertainment, and play.

99 Problems, But a Beach Ain’t One…

Throughout the centuries, whatever people have associated with the beach, it has brought them inspiration and sentiments. It is no surprise that the sea, the waves, the sand, and the breeze have been the subject of countless songs, poems, and quotes.

An Easy Catch

We have gathered the most beautiful, fun, and tacky examples of beach poetry. In fact, it did not take us long to find them all represented by doing a few searches. If you are in need of a little beach poetry to express your feelings or let your mind wander to the shore, take a look at our new Beach Quotes and Poetry section.

We guarantee that there is a quote for you! Or even better, share your greatest beach poem with the rest of us in the comment section. Happy daydreaming.

Top Beach Songs

Beach Songs

Beaching about, occasionally you hear songs that just fit the mood, the smell, the sounds, and the feeling of beach on your body.

They don’t necessarily have to be songs from the Beach Boys titled “Beaches in Mind” or “Goin’ to the beach” – but it helps. The following 8 summer chill-out songs belong to our ultimate beach experience playlist – some old classics, some that might surprise you. If you are not already at the beach, these songs will take you there. Have a listen!

 Wet Questions by Keziah Jones

This mellow song from the afro-funk artist takes us straight to a lonely beach on a lonely island. It has beach written all over it.

 Summer Breeze by The Isley Brothers

A summer holiday classic that gets you tanned by merely listening.

 Sun is Shining by Bob Marley

No beach song playlist is a beach song playlist without Bob Marley. If we had to name one artist embodying the beach vibe, Bob would be the one.

 The Girl From Ipanema by Antônio Carlos Jobim

It’s a bossa classic, it’s dreamy, and it makes our minds imagine the Ipanema girl gracefully strolling the beach as hopeful eyes follow her.

 ปรารถนา (Pratthana) by T-Bone

Since Thailand has some of the world’s best beaches, why not try a local favorite? We love this one.

 Everybody Loves the Sunshine by Roy Ayers

“Just bees and things and flowers..:.” Sunday chill summer mood is all over this one.

 Bongo Bong by Mano Chao

If you have been to a backpacker beach, you have definitely heard this happy tune. It’s mandatory beach music!

 96 Degrees in the Shade by Third World

When I was recently beaching on a small island in Malaysian Borneo, this song suddenly popped into my head. It was burning hot and I was looking for shade, but then I had to let go and just dance to the tune inside my head.

Don’t these songs send you straight to the beach?

We would love to add extra songs to our beach soundtrack. We invite you to share your own favorite beach songs with us in the comments field below.