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The Best Beach Cocktails

Animation of three summer and beach cocktails with tropical fruits in front of the blue sea.

“Beach & Beers” was the official theme of our recent beach adventure

We filled a bag with ice and beers, went to the beach for two whole days, swam, played frisbee, relaxed, and oh yeah.. drank beer. Beaches and beers are a fantastic combination, but what if you don’t drink beer or want something slightly more sophisticated?

The Best Beach Cocktails

Beach cocktails should include some basic characteristics:

They should be fairly easy to make
They should quench your thirst
They should be fruity and tropical
They should cool you down
They should have a relatively low alcohol percentage

Don’t forget that your beach cocktail should be enjoyed with sea breeze and the proper beach chill music. Have a look at this inspiring list of easy to make beach cocktails from Sea Side Reservations. “Liquid Sunshine” – such a telling title:

Liquid Sunshine: Cocktails to Enjoy on the Beach - - Infographic

Is your favourite beach cocktail not on the list? Give us a shout and tell us about it! And friends, don’t forget to drink responsibly at the beach and otherwise.
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