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Beach Dogs: The Salty Dogs of Goa

Dog sitting in the afternoon sun on a beach at the edge of the water looking at the sea
Can you imagine being a beach dog?

We are surrounded by happy vacationing humans and we are free to roam around the area with your salty friends chasing crabs and waves. When the sun gets too intense, we find shade under the beach umbrellas or take cooling dips in the sea. When we go hungry, we take a stroll around the beachfront restaurants, where food is spilled on the floor or given to us by friendly people. Still hungry?, we then go to the back end of the restaurant and find some discarded left-over food.

No owners to tie us on a leash, no walls to confine us, no city to pollute our lungs, and no risking our lives by crossing heavy trafficked streets. We are beach dogs, the salty dogs of Goa. Have a look at us enjoying life.

Unfortunately, life is not good for many slum dogs who have lost their way in the concrete jungle. This video is a painful reminder from the Mumbai-based animal welfare organisation “World For All Animal Care & Adoptions“. By attaching a small camera on a street dog in India, they tell the sad story of what a stray dog in India might have to put up with daily.