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…about tourism and beach holidays in the context of sustainability. We present analysis, facts, and recommendations for anyone interested in sustainable tourism and environmentally friendly and socially responsible travel.

We understand that travel and sustainability are often seen as opposites. However, there are ways in which you can come from A to B, and things you can do (or not do) at your travel destination that will reduce or even help the sustainability challenges of a given location.

Beachmeter Beach Survey with tickboxes

The Beachmeter Beach Survey

Help us understand what makes a great beach, then we’ll develop a tool to help you find it! Please help us fill out our beach survey – it will take only 4-5 minutes. Link to...

Open suitcase with clothes and travel items lying around

What NOT to bring to Thailand

Is your suitcase loaded when you head off to Thailand, and do you meticulously make sure that all the items on the “What to bring to Thailand”-list are checked off? When...