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Dog sitting in the afternoon sun on a beach at the edge of the water looking at the sea

Beach Dogs: The Salty Dogs of Goa

Can you imagine being a beach dog? We are surrounded by happy vacationing humans and we are free to roam around the area with your salty friends chasing crabs and waves. When the sun gets...

Swaying palm tree on a white sand beach and clear turquoise sea

Near Beach Experience

Are you also missing the beach? Watch this soothing video if you need a healthy dose of tropical beach. We almost got a tan watching this near beach experience! This is almost like those...

A tourist taking a beach selfie on the beach at Repulse Bay, Hong Kong with a sunbathing girl in the background

Repulse Bay and the Beach Selfie Tours

You might know Hong Kong as the mother of Bruce Lee, and as one of the most densely populated areas in the world. But did you also know that Hong Kong has beautiful natural spots and...