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…about tourism and beach holidays in the context of sustainability. We present analysis, facts, and recommendations for anyone interested in sustainable tourism and environmentally friendly and socially responsible travel.

Sunshine falling on tropical green palm leaves

Green Hotel Bookings Made Easy

How to find a green hotel? What do you do if you prefer to stay at a hotel that cares about its employees, the community it operates in, and the natural surroundings? You may have stayed at...

Homestay experience in Malaysia with tourists eating local Malaysian cuisine with their local homestay hosts. Homestay accommodation is one of many simple tips for sustainable travel.

Practical Tips for Sustainable Travel

Have you ever wondered what you can do to travel like a sustainability champion? Some people mistakingly think that the very act of traveling is incompatible with sustainability because of...

Sun umbrella made from natural materials such as wood and straw.

Why Hotel Eco-Labels Don’t Work

Hotel Eco-Label Schemes It is no secret that hotels are increasingly becoming aware that following the principles and guidelines of sustainable tourism has positive effects on staff...